Product's details

– This is a product of PMI – Pressmetal Group in Malaysia.

– The product uses standard aluminum ingots guarantee high quality, easy to use performance.

– The structure is exquisite, aesthetic and optimal for users.

– The product uses glass sealant instead of gasket helps to increase strength, air tightness and waterproof performance.

– The product is available in a variety of colours.

Technical parameters

– Air tightness performance: 0.53 m3/(m2.h)

– Waterproof performance: 600Pa

– Insulation performance: 2.7 W/(m2.k)

– Soundproof performance: 40dB (for box glass)

– Characteristics: suitable for outward and inward opening doors; glass facade; door rail cannot be installed on the opening leaf; etc.

– Accessories: ODAY

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