Billet (Primary Products)

Fully Integrated Operation

From upstream smelting activities to downstream extruding operations, Press Metal is a fully integrated producer of quality aluminium products. With three smelting plants in Malaysia alone, we produce over 760,000 tonnes of aluminium ingots and billets per annum. Our PMB-branded aluminium ingots produced by our Samalaju smelter are listed on the London Metal Exchange as a high-grade primary aluminium product.

Aluminium Ingots

From our smelting plants, we produce high-grade, LME-registered P1020A ingots in 22kg size. We also produce Primary Foundry Alloy ingots of 10kg and 22kg.

Aluminium Billets

Our primary 6-series extrusion billets are also fast gaining acceptance as an excellent raw material for the extrusion industry. We produce our primary billets in 4”, 4.5”, 4.72”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8” diameters.

International Markets

All our primary products are marketed to Malaysia, South East Asia, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.