What’s the Difference Between Aluminum and Aluminium?

Aluminum is the 13th element in the Periodic Table and one of Earth’s most abundant metals, and so is aluminium. What some might have assumed is a pronunciation variation of the same word is actually a case of two different words for the very same thing, and it’s all thanks to an indecisive 19th century … Continue reading

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Global Aluminum Market

Well-entrenched players in the highly competitive global aluminum market have adopted multi-pronged growth strategies to stay ahead in the competition. Of them, strategic alliances is a vital strategy that is expected to benefit key players for competitive gains. The expansion of the construction sector post the global economic slump of 2008 is one of the … Continue reading

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This Is How Often You REALLY Should Be Washing Your Bath Towels—and What Happens When You Don’t ?

Your bath towel is hiding a dirty little secret—a weekly wash isn’t enough to keep it clean. You only use your towel after scrubbing off in the shower, so it can’t get all that dirty, right? Not so fast. “When you say you wash off bacteria, you’re partially correct—you wash off some bacteria,” says Philip … Continue reading

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What will the real estate market be like in 2018 ?

Forecasts about the real estate market in 2018 are all inclined towards optimism. The real estate market is warming up   Analysts believe the market will witness further growth in many market segments thanks to strong demand. Affordable housing High-end property (villas, high-end apartment blocks and resorts) in HCM City have had stable supply and … Continue reading

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Battery farms – A key to mass energy store!

Batteries are a vital part of technology for powering our busy, on the go lives. Beyond the cellphones and electric cars, batteries can store much larger amounts of energy. To reduce CO2 emissions, we must think some effective ways of keeping energy that made from renewable sources. Solar panels and wind turbines can not produce “on … Continue reading

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North Carolina-based Nucor Corp. has announced plans to spend $240 million to build a construction rebar mill in Frostproof, Fla. This will be the second rebar micro mill that is part of the company’s expansion. Sedalia, Mo., will be the home for the micro mill announced in Novemeber 2017. The rebar micro mill is expected … Continue reading

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A Modern Guide to Windows

[All images by BUILD LLC] If there is one consistency among modern architecture, it’s an abundance of nice, generous windows. Nothing says inspiring, healthy living to us like ample daylight, fresh air, and the occasional view. Designing the correct windows into the appropriate locations of a house or building requires a familiarity with current products, … Continue reading

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