ODL125A – narrow-frame sliding door

Product's Details

  • Super Narrow Frame

38mm thickness hollow glasses can be installed in 125A heavy sliding door. Profiles with luxury structural design and ultra-narrow frame can ensure high light transmittance and are suitable for all kinds of luxury villa and hotel.

  • Oversized Size

Wheels whose installation is segmented have superior bearing capacity. Each leaf can reach 4000*6000mm.

  • Excellent Performance

Water tightness: national standard level 4.

Air tightness: national standard level 5.

Wind resistance: national standard level 5.

  • Meet Custom Requirements

Customer can install large electric louvers and enjoy the luxury life that louvers give all the time.

  • Technical Executive Standard

Meet EU CE, US ASTM standard and China GB standard.

  • Technical parameters
Insulation Performance 3.8W/(m2.k) Level 3
Soundproof Performance 35dB Level 4
Water Tightness Performance 400Pa Level 4
Air Permeability Performance Level 6
Wind Resistance Performance 3.0KPa Level 5
Visual Width/Height Frame 40mm
Leaf 35mm
Width of proximate matter Frame 125mm
Leaf 43mm
Thickness of glass


Restricted size


The maximum weight of open leaf


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